Saturday , May 28 2022

Dubai crimes consider the first cause of the "Betcuain" money robbery


The Office of the Public Prosecutor referred to the Criminal Court in Dubai today three Gulf employees want to kidnap three Asian and collect 25 pointers after they were instantly insulted and forced to transfer money from the accounts of the first and second victims to count one of the defendants in an Asian country, Currency

The case is the first of a kind in relation to theft of a digital currency of the name Betkin, which is similar in nature to the dollar, the euro and the currency others, but is fake and only used on the Internet, and there is no physical presence, and it is encrypted and can not track the sales and purchases used.

Prosecutors explained that the defendants kidnapped the victims after being accused of being police officers and asked them to accompany them to the car they held, claiming they had several reasons for the excuse that they were trading in Betquin's electronic money, and agreed to go with them after reassuring, but they came to a sandy area in Al Barsha to fulfill their unlawful purpose of stealing twenty two houses from two accounts to count one of the defendants in Asian country where the sale and purchase of the house may be allowed.

He said that the defendants had taken advantage of the laptop, which was in the possession of the victims, and forced two of them to pass the name and password of their accounts, before converting one of those electronic money mentioned to the account of the second accused in the country Asian mentioned in the case file.

The prosecution also accused four Asian of "having 250,000 land in circumstances where they believed they were illegal to buy and sell Batquin coins."

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