Tuesday , May 17 2022

Dementia has had a genetic transmission in the family – Al – Manar – Lebanon channel


A woman who died of a rare type of dementia in pregnancy with a son died of a genetic factor is expected to report the Daily Mail newspaper.

The source added that the death of the deceased died also of the disease, "Kreutzfeld Jacob," caused by a degenerative brain disorder resulting in dementia and death.

The doctors were suspicious when they learned that Danish women were healthy and that there were symptoms of the disease before their pregnancy, but the fetus was removed to the chastity inherited by the father. The woman's son was suffering from Croatsfield Jacob, and the symptoms of the disease appeared in the 53-year-old man.

The researchers are now likely to have inherited the gene that is responsible for the disease by the father and then transferred to the mother when it was fetal in the womb.

Doctors say that embryo cells contain toxic proteins that pass through the plaque, circulate in the bloodstream and spread in the brain.

The Copenhagen Referral Center for Bronchial Diseases in Copenhagen, Denmark, is particularly important due to its ability to detect a new case of dementia.

Source: Sky News

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