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Copies have been united – «Fatima» inherits 'AIDS'; from her parents and her grandmother refused to take the lead: I didn't escape the epidemic t


Saturday 4 May 2019

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A few hours after her mother died of AIDS, her 3-year-old daughter, Fatima, did not find her home, and the grandmother refused to take her, and told officers about "diet" and "unity of Alexandria" when asked. she took her granddaughter: ».. difficult words for Jeddah a few hours after her daughter was buried, stressing that they were afraid to pass on the deadly disease to them, encouraging the rapid intervention unit in the Social Solidarity Directorate in Alexandria to transfer the girl who has infected the deadly virus to one of the care homes.

The father is imprisoned and the mother is dead

Three years ago, Fatima was born with HIV infection after her mother was infected with the disease. The parents asked their daughter without a family after Solidarity left her unbroken brothers in one role . Care.

The disease was found to be transmitted to his wife and child, and then the mother suffered severe psychological and psychological suffering, particularly when the neighbors burned all her belongings because they feared infection.

Fatima's story went to the social media websites, reaching the Social Solidarity Directorate, which charged the Rapid Intervention Unit urgently to the girl and to transfer her to a nursing home last night. The Deputy Secretary of the Unity Ministry told Al-Watan: "We moved to rescue the girl Fatima after her mother's death and continued her father's prison and the grandmother refused to care for her granddaughter because she was afraid of transferring. 39 the disease to her. " Looking after the eastern part of the province to be socially, psychologically and healthy, and supported in these difficult circumstances.

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