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Complete the preparations for the official celebration of the 47th National Day at Zayed Sport City


Abu Dhabi, November 26, (WAM)
On the 47th National Day, the preparations for the official celebration of this event have been completed
The national event on December 2 at the Zayed Sports City Stadium
In Abu Dhabi under the slogan "This is Zayed .. the UAE's Arab Arab Emirates" ..

This came during a tour organized by the Media Organization Committee today and published
During which all the details of the celebration.

Abdullah Al Qubaisi, member of the organizing committee for the official celebration of the National Day
This celebration celebrates pride and pride during the increase
And the exceptional success enjoyed by the United Arab Emirates since its establishment was 47 years ago
What has emerged from the vision and vision Sheikh Zayed Sultan Al Nahyan Bin is late
"May Allah rest his soul" and his brothers are the managers of the United Arab Emirates.

He added that this year's celebration is trying to commemorate Sheikh Zayed's riding and work
In his vision for further progress and prosperity to continue to restate civilization
Delivered by the State in all areas.

He noted that this year's great celebration matches the centenary of Zayed where he is participating
In the presentation, more than 1500 performers offer 70% of them being citizens and used
More than 20,900 pixel panels to build a full theater requiring more than 4200
Scaffold to develop .. In addition to the poems and songs that have been specially written for this
The celebration also includes live performances by the orchestra
Royal Philharmonic "with the participation of a group of musicians and performers up
Their numbers are more than 150 and some performers of Alirati are going to experience a unique experience that reflects
The increase that the state has seen since its inception and reflects the promising future of a state
United Arab Emirates.

The trip saw a visit to the production headquarters and the preparation of dolls used with participation 45
People from both puppets that turn through their performance in front of the audience's views
It reflects the wildlife spell that the UAE has always been known about
Focus on Arab Oryx, Gazeli and Houbara Birds
These wild animals that take the nature of the United Arab Emirates are home to thinking
The beauty of the desert, which has long been confirmed by the base father of the late Sheikh Zayed bin
Sultan Al Nahyan, "God can rest his soul" for his commitment to protect the areas
Natural and Environmental Protection in the United Arab Emirates

The Committee organizes an official observation of the 47st National State Day
By providing transport during the day of the concert and those who attend tracking can car in a number of
Sites belonging to the "row and move" service located in the Grand Mosque Zayed Mosque
And the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

It is expected that some 22,000 citizens and Arabians will be present
Land and visitors to form a national painting that embodies the values ​​of unity, pride, loyalty and expression
They expressed their pride in 100 years of wisdom, goodness and generosity, looking forward to an inspiring series
A promising future.

On the other hand, Neil Left, production and show manager, during the celebrations
The most important thing we are looking for is the show on the stage that includes a mix of novels
Historical performance and performance by celebrating the National Day with a participation of 1500
An artist, performing artist, volunteers and school students perform live
Within 50 minutes to the ceremony.

He added that the stage, which occupies a football field space in the stadium Mohammed stadium
Zayed Zayed Sports City has a huge 17 meter high screen and 60 meters wide
To make a new presentation for the first time and take the performances creatively to a period
New production.

He noted during the media journey that preparations for the show began since last February
A number of meetings have been held to co-ordinate and consult ideas and develop
And prepare content that's suitable for the biggest concert in the history of the United Arab Emirates and has been performed
There are a number of exercises to train on the theatrical performance of the show where presentations are presented with figures
Animals and birds characterized by the United Arab Emirates environment.

He said that 20 artists and an artist from the Arab Republic of Egypt were involved
Celebrate the performance of Arabic music pieces to the orchestra's fire
The "Fenoharomnica" property in previous art to find a combination of artistic features
Arabic culture and classical music.

The paragraphs of the celebration include rare bird and animal reviews
The Arab Emirates environment has surrounded it like deer, deer, wild cats and foxes
Flamengo to Houbara.

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