Saturday , January 22 2022

"Climate Change and the Environment of the United Arab Emirates" launches the National e-System


Logo of the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment of the United Arab Emirates

Logo of the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment of the United Arab Emirates

The Ministry of Climate Change of the UAE and the Environment have announced the launch of the National e-System to improve environmental performance and the map of industrial facilities in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important Outputs of the Environmental Performance Improvement Initiative launched during the annual meetings of the United Arab Emirates Government meetings.

Eng. Aisha Mohammed Al Abdooli, Director of the Green Development Department at the Ministry said: "The environmental upgrade initiative aims to improve the competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates in line with EU objectives 2071 to make the United Arab Emirates one of & The best countries in the world. Building a diverse and sustainable economy that contributes to sustainable development, based on innovation, research, science and technology. "

"The initiative aims to create a common common mechanism for assessing the environmental impact of projects, reducing carbon emissions, protecting vulnerable ecosystems, protecting generational entitlements to clean clean air and water and improving environmental performance by reducing environmental impacts and stimulate the private sector. On the shift towards cleaner production and adopting green habits. "

Al Abdooli explained that the national e-system for promoting environmental performance aims to implement the enterprise in a modern and intelligent way ahead of senior leadership and to improve the work system in line with the government's orientation in the United Arab Emirates by establishing a national electronic system that connects the parties to ensure the necessary information in making the decision, as well as notifying the person concerned in case of any new.

The electronic system includes pages associated with consulting companies, industrial organizations, environmental impact assessment studies and current and future environmental legislation in the UAE.

He noted that the map of the industrial institutions in the UAE is a spatial information platform aimed at providing customers and different categories of the community with information about the sites of each and every emirate's industrial institutions. 39; r United Arab Emirates, which has more than 7,000 industrial organizations, In the UAE, such as the extent to which industrial institutions are protected from nature reserves, forest belts and residential complications. The map also includes a set of tools that facilitates the use of the map and access to the information that is needed easily and P.

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