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Black box crew Azmi Bishara in Qatar Recruitment and recruitment

Doubtful role to the Qatar system

Doubtful role to the Qatar system

Former Kismet Israeli member Azmi Bishara, who runs Hamdeen's media company, plays a role in regional and international damage.

Under the researcher's banner and researcher, members of the crew played their destructive role to perform two tasks associated with each other, and the first is preaching the project t probing to regulate Hamdeen's ruling in Doha over the air, as well as accelerate the pace of fundraising and double the personal benefits of Qatar people's money.

The role of Mohammed Al Masri, Executive Director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (based in Doha and the 2010 base), and one of the "men" Azmi Bishara is highlighted in the media lobby in the lobby this global.

Although al-Masri managed to prolong his black record of gangsters of Hamdeen, his name jumped after Islam Lutfi, former chief executive of Al Arabi, decided to break his silence and uncover the corrupt media Qatar.

According to documents obtained by Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, Al-Masri is not less dangerous in his role than the role of Muayad Thib, his colleague in Al Arabi TV.

The difference between the two men is that al-Masri is responsible for attracting and recruiting journalists, researchers and thinkers, attracting them and their blackmailing and putting them directly into their real tasks. that is, he was at the forefront, while the latter needed a shadow, filling only the gaps he left when needed.

Arab Center .. The black box of "Egyptian"

Those who want to explore the Egyptian arena, and monitor its role more doubtfully, have to explore the Arab Hall hall, where its secrets lie, and a role reflected by those which is familiar to her even more dangerous than the role of the fault.

Egypt is playing the political conscience of young people, and their visions amid the changes seen by the Arab world in the last decade, so working to create a particular elite, pro-Qatar, t and defending its controversial program in the region.

The danger here is that al-Masri attracts a group of the best young Arab youth, whose country has not had the opportunity to get a job or is tired of contracts with organizations here and there.

Al-Masri, after a careful monitoring process with his bishara head, continues to communicate with these young people, and is then asked to work in his post with permanent contracts, according to a young Algerian researcher. of the name Belkacem.

"Speaking of full-time scientific research, the brightest picture of the Arab Center is its remarkable success in reconciling the scientific research profession with the labor market by employing it for researching human resources on wages. T fixed from them, "he wrote. Spirit of concern over income source and living (…) ".

Operating room

Understanding the nature of the suspicious role played by Egypt inevitably goes through information about the reality of the Centre's arrival and funding and objectives, taking up the post of Executive Director.

The center was established in 2010, just before the start of the protests in a number of Arab countries, so analysts say that the mobility seen by these countries has been planned ahead in the western operating rooms and also. Doha.

The Center quickly jumped on the protests under the cover of an intellectual research organization that deepened Arab discrimination poisoning, irritated different types, and sparked differences in order to invest in reshaping the map of North Africa and the Middle East.

Is it just a cell of hypothesis that undermined the stability of the Arab world, and exploited the chaos in that period, to promote lies that served his master Azmi Bishara and behind him "Hamdeen."

The center specialized in criticizing the Arab forces and attacking military institutions. Her president, Bishara and her assistant from Egypt, wanted to raise issues relating to minorities in order to t stimulate sectarianism in industry that Doha takes as an excuse for interference in Arab matters.

Damage to the interests of the Gulf

According to informed sources, al-Masri has played a dubious role in damaging the interests of the Gulf and in attracting people whose mission is to attack the states of the Gulf, especially the United Arab Emirates and Saudi. Arabia, and the second Gulf Studies Forum session (2015).

The role that Egypt was relying on on "propaganda" to exploit the nonconformists, the rebels, the criminals and members of the crew, in order to strike the interests of the region's countries and fabric lies in desperate attempts to initiate disharmony. their societies, to prepare for their penetration and riding on their congestion and their destabilization.

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