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Benefits of quinoa for diabetics – Journal is

The benefits of quinoa for diabetics are an important health issue and appeal to many who seek a healthy and balanced diet to avoid illness or those looking for healthy choices to help handle their problems health, including diabetics.

Recently, quinoa has become the most prominent name in the world of healthy foods and supernatural foods recommended by doctors and health and nutrition experts because of its high nutritional content compared to other grains.

Quinoa has a gluten free, antioxidant, mineral, essential and protein protein and so it's an ideal choice for people with wheat gluten allergy.

Several studies and studies suggest that introducing kinoa in the diet helps diabetes control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Benefits of quinoa for diabetics

As we mentioned, the kinoa-containing protein content contributes significantly to the control of the blood sugar level. Usually, some foods cause high blood sugar, so diabetes needs to eat healthy meals that focus on selecting foods that are distributed from the index down on the blood index on average.

It is known that the blood sugar index of 55 or less is low, and contains quinoa on the index of blood sugar about 53, which means that eating will not lead to A big increase in blood sugar as it contains protein and fiber, which slows down the digestion process.

Quinoa is also rich in essential amino acids that are necessary for protein synthesis, unlike many other types of grain, making it a complete protein. The dietary fiber reception in quinoa is much higher than other grains, which means it is very beneficial for people with diabetes. The fact that fiber and dietary protein are essential elements and important to keep blood sugar within the acceptable limit.

Regarding carbohydrates, which is essential for the regulation of blood sugar, the cooked cup of quinoa contains about 40 grams of carbohydrates, a small proportion, but sufficient for the consumption of carbohydrates diabetic that provides the body with energy and activity.

According to one study published in the Journal of Food Medicine, diet for Andean Peru grains, including quinoa, helps to control type 2 diabetes as well as associated high blood pressure.

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