Friday , December 4 2020

Apply 61 students in the «Sprint Shooting» course

The first training course hosted in the Arabian and Middle East for shooting coaches, "Target Sprint", the game developed by the Federation in its program of activities in the year 2019 organized by Emirates Shooting Federation and bow and arrow, in conjunction with the Center for the preparation of sports leaders in the country, for five days, and study of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iraq and Syria as well with many representatives of sports clubs in the State, Mohamed Amer, the Union's technical director, one of the best experts in this game.


One of the most important consequences of this course is that he has qualified a group of ancient coaches and shooters to paint the future of the game not only in the UAE, but also in the region as a tough figure in the world in the near future. Emirates Shooting and Arrow and Arrow, to attend the closing ceremony, which started with a speech welcoming the attendees.


He also expressed his happiness with the positive participation of the session, praising the international lecturer. Mohammed Amer, who did not give up his or her efforts and students experience, explaining he had been in communication with the International and Arab Shooting Federation to take good action in spreading this game and organizing many international tournaments, as the Participants General Secretary announced that the course came within the Union's plan in the scientific restoration and development of technical staff And the coming period will be a witness to publish the first club and the first player and the first trainer and the first player in the state game.

Al-Zaabi noted that this session came within a number of courses included in the Union's strategy to apply many educators and referees to enrich the field and then develop all and raise activities, asking Students not to stop their efforts to the amount of information they received. The operation in the field to reflect this effort on the game, praising the involvement of old shooters and the active participation of support and police shooters.

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