Monday , January 18 2021

Al-Ittihad Newspaper – Tomorrow's weather is cloudy with low temperatures


United Arab Emirates

Tourist boats in Abu Dhabi

Tourist boats in Abu Dhabi

The National Meteorological Center envisaged that, tomorrow, Tuesday, God will already be partly cloudy to cloudy times over certain areas, particularly on the coasts and western islands.
Some light rain is likely and there is a significant reduction in temperature, and the wind is generally light, sometimes active on some open areas.
Wind movement .. Northwest – north / 20 – 35 km / h, up to 45 km / h at sea.
The average Gulf of Arab is being disturbed by the average. The first tide takes place at 11:23 am and the second tide is at 00:58 and the first car at 18:15 and the second at 06:04. For Sea Oman, the wave is light to average. The first tide is happening at 08:04, the second tide at 20:48, the first one at 14:23, and the second at 3:07.

Source: WAM

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