Sunday , January 24 2021

Al Ittihad Newspaper – Special Artificial Intelligence Curricula

Jameelah Al-Muhairi, the Minister for Public Education, United Arab Emirates recently announced the development of the advanced technology of the United Arab Emirates, especially artificial information technology, and invest in the building of a national standard of qualified and experienced professionals the field. The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the General Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, to provide specialized methods of artificial intelligence soon, as part of efforts to keep the direction of the state in the future. "We have learned from our leaders to serve our country with all our information and information and to expand our horizons and aspirations to complement the unique riding of the United Arab Emirates in each field. Artificial intelligence is not luxurious, "said Omar Sultan Al Ulama, but it is urgently needed to help us to vary the sources of our strength and leadership, and we must inspire each other and see the successes of the world's pride in our nation ».
The Ministry of Education directs the development of artificial intelligence curricula based on a number of important considerations. Firstly, it follows the EU Artificial Intelligence Strategy, launched by Her Uchelder Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, First Minister and Dubai Manager, In Autumn 2007, he aims to be the first government of the United Arab Emirates in the world to invest artificial information in diverse sectors, and to find a new promising market in terms of high economic value, as well as creating a strong foundation in R & D, and relying on intelligence Artificial in Services and data analysis by the year 2031, so all government agencies in the state should adopt artificial intelligence, so in accordance with the objectives of the «United Arab Emirates 2071» seek to be the best United Arab Emirates in the world in every field. The second is investing in the construction of new generations of citizens specializing in artificial information technology, and able to employ their outputs efficiently in different areas of work, in a way that contributes to acceleration. The implementation of the ambitious development programs and projects of the United Arab Emirates. The third is the work on locating advanced technology. The teaching of students from the early stages of artificial intelligence has contributed to achieving this strategic objective, one of the leading priorities of prudent leadership in the United Arab Emirates recognizes the importance of technology in supporting the different development sectors . In order to improve the country's competitiveness on the map of higher economies, so it always encourages citizens to engage strongly with the areas of work based on the most sophisticated modern technologies in trying to build a economy based on Geya Modern's modern knowledge, science, information and technology.
The Ministry of Education's approach to the provision of artificial intelligence courses is not impossible for the initiatives and efforts of many educational institutions aimed at encouraging students to learn modern technology and have various tools, especially technical and vocational education institutions In the field of technology, all applications have to be based on, which is integrated into different aspects of modern life, and that these curricula are developed in line with international standards, which ; Includes all modern science, information and latest applications. As well as national strategies aimed at developing citizen skills in technology, such as the high policy of the United Arab Emirates on science, technology and innovation, adopted by Her Uchelder Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the Arab Emirates United, in November 2015, And a budget of more than 300 billion land up to 2021, with the aim of investing in Arab Arab countries, improving its knowledge in science and technology, and supporting a number of areas, where research, specialist flight industries, international pharmaceutical industries, peaceful nuclear energy, artificial intelligence programs, and other areas serving a career with the United Arab Emirates to build a knowledge economy.

For the newsletter «Akhbar Al-Sahra» issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

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