Saturday , January 23 2021

Ahmed Moussa reveals where Emir went from Qatar after he left the Arab summit and what the Arab leaders did t

Media commentator, Ahmed Moussa, said that the hymn of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, had pulled back, and his departure for the opening session of the Arab summit in Tunis, suddenly without giving speech.

"Tameem went out of the hall to the airport to Doha, and Marafesh al-Tayyar signed a sign and did not come out. There was no restriction or any officer through him, as if he were humming, Tamim has come out and walked, As if by the Arab leaders joy and happiness and the joy that this country was fleeing with skin. "

"The fate of the organizer betraying the Arab world, Biban, has made the countries love some and nothing, and is very evident from the arrival of Tamim to the extent that he has walked the Arab world.

Moussa said, "I wanted to call Badri, and reject this request, to be arranged in the session with the evening, the salvation of the conference was held in Waji Ahmed Aboul Gheit talking about Turkey and Iran, and he Ahmed Aboul Gheit ended on Tamim .This is true, and all Arab countries will be elected to Qatar seat. "

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