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Abdel Halim Hafez continued to be "number one"

Because he was a great star worthy of recognition, and because he was born in January, where he completes his 81th year, Al Ain Al Akhbar News honors her by awarding an Artistic Attainment Medal and arranging her a celebration to her.

Nadia Lutfi described the present days as the beautiful days of her life, where she lives in tranquility and tranquility and celebrates an honorable technical and national history with guests throughout about 4 decades.

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Nadia Lutfi spoke to Al Ain for her Capricorn tower, and spoke about Abdel Halim Hafez and her influence in her life. She also talked about visiting the refuge of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and what she left in herself. She also gave the Star of Jerusalem from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen. On the Palestinian issue, as well as a story related to a toddler, he met in hospital and other things in this dialogue.

Do you think that Capricorn is what they say that it is owners of loyalty and wisdom?

To a large extent, but it's different depending on the baby's circumstances, and that the banner is a large yard towers, I tried to note it, but I do not have the ability to judge the towers & # 39; n confident

On the subject of achievement, the people are the ones that control the person and not the constellations, but achieving the value of human values ​​is important and there are some who believe in them, And there are some who are sanctified in this way without true faith, and there are those who practice fulfilling their faith and conviction, My love for heart.

Are you a city for some people to achieve your life?

There are people who have contributed to my career, whether in feet, words, views or information, and they all put a bucket in my way.

Put your collection up with a little boy on your cushion .. Is there a story?

When I arrived at the Armed Forces Hospital in Maadi, I went into intensive care because I was very ill. When I came to meet, I was surprised to find a young child with a beautiful face not over a year in bed next to me, and I noticed a smile of hope in his eyes. I loved her very much. So, I moved to room and was shocked by his mother who was taking it to an apartment. I knew he had an open heart surgery at 9 months old. I'll still visit them. He called "Tita". I hope God will heal him and not deprive his parents.

Do you believe in the dialogue of ghosts?

Certainly, the soul is soldiers, those who know each other, and the human body and spirit, and I tend to the spirit more, it does not have The love of the soul is no end, but it is the body's love.

Tell us about the impact of the Egyptian President's visit, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi?

A visit to President Sisi President is a great honor to me. Visiting a character that is a symbol of my homeland is a great pleasure.

What is the visit of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, who gave you the star of Jerusalem?

The Star of Jerusalem in itself is holy, and its meaning is very important, especially as it has been associated with Jerusalem for 40 years. When the Palestinian President is given to me, he has an additional responsibility for me to keep this issue as it was always. Time when no country in the country is settled.

After all these years … What do you think about Abdel Halim Hafez? What are your best memories with him?

Abdel Halim Hafez was an important part of my career, and he had a great footprint, and he was very close to me and learned a lot of it, and studied a lot of personality and found that he was unfortunately paying attention to study what's right for him.

When an artist lives through this age and continues to be "number one" despite his or her death 40 years ago or more we must study it, so that the new generation understands The generosity of this artist's genius, even his peers have to point out his solitude and integrity, and to be able to express the greatest number of current social segments.

At another level, I believe that Halim's name of the revolution of July 1952 can not be banned, because we will feel something missing. The first time he turned the national song into an emotional song. He spoke his songs in the name of the revolution, and in short, he was still a breath spirit for these reasons and many other reasons.

Which movie do you trust most in your career?

I do not know .. The movie I forget after filming and turning to album pictures, and when you ask me for the album and I ask me to choose the most beautiful picture, I did not find a suitable answer, because I forgot everything I lost it and look for the new one, and to know if you were asking me about the personality that I would like to provide, Every character that you would like to do.

How do you live in this time of life?

I'm really surprised and enjoyable. There are no disagreements about anything, so I'm surprised whenever someone asks me this question. I usually practice my life. I eat, meet guests and live every happy and happy second.

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