Wednesday , January 27 2021

A new guide suggests unveiling the imminent Motorola One Vision phone

Motorola is expected to launch its first smartphone with Exynos processor, which will soon be named Moto One Vision. Moto One Vision has already revealed images and specifications, and now this phone has been added to the list of devices supported by ARCore Reality Platform, which suggests it is about to get disclosure.

The previously disclosed image above confirms that the Motorola One Vision will have a hole in the top left corner of the screen for the front camera, and also assures that it will have two rear cameras that will have will be covered with glass and will run on the Android 9 car Android Logo Logo. Moreover, it is likely that it will contain a fingerprint sensor in the circular logo that has been located in the middle of the back of the device.

Whatever the design, Motorola One Vision is expected to include technical specifications including 6.2 "IPS LCD screen with FullHD + resolution, Ex-9610 8-core processor, 3GB or 4GB random memory, as well as internal memory 32GB or 64GB or 128GB of internal memory.

In addition, the Motorola One Vision will also feature two rear cameras, with a 48 megapixel camera. The latter will be able to hold 12 megapixel, thanks to the pixel technology. Motorola will also provide special features to this camera, including "Long Exposure" and "HDR 3D Video". Apart from the camera, the Motorola One Vision phone will also contain a 3500mAh battery, and will be presented in two colors, blue and gold. The phone will be sold in international markets including Latin America, India and Brazil, and will reach China under the name of Motorola P40.

There is also another Motorola phone with Exynos 9610 processor with the Troika code name. This phone is said to have the same amount of random memory as the same internal memory options, and this phone is expected to be sold in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, India and China. Expect to hear more about it soon.


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