Thursday , August 11 2022

6 things to know about your diet to avoid anemia


Anemia or anemia can be caused by different factors, but the most common cause is a small amount of iron, which affects red blood cell production, and your diet plays an important role in iron deficiency compensation and t treatment of anemia.

In this report, we come to know 5 information about the diet for the treatment of anemia.

1 – Give your iron-rich foods

It is important to ensure that you eat plenty of foods with high levels of iron, especially if you are at high risk of anemia, or if your doctor detects iron deficiency anemia.

2 – can eat more green leafy vegetables to help combat fatigue caused by iron deficiency.

He was also interested in eating red-rich red meat which was easy to absorb.

3. Finish with foods rich in vitamin B12
Not only does iron play a vital role in the formation and function of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that can cause significant health problems if its blood levels are very low. The vitamin is to be found in red meat, fish, dairy products and whole grains.

4 – A desire to eat meat may suggest anemia

Your desire to eat delicious steaks is usually your body's way of telling you that you need to increase your use of iron.


5. Pregnant women who are addicted to eating bricks and exotic objects can suffer severe iron deficiency t
"Bica" is a condition that means that the person eats things that cannot be eaten such as: bricks, dust and dirt, and this situation also occurs during pregnancy, and this can show the t severe iron levels can lead to anemia.

6- Dietary supplements

Although the diet is important to help regenerate iron, your doctor will also suggest iron supplements to help correct iron levels and treat anemia.

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