Friday , May 27 2022

5 Tips Before Buy a New Home In The UAE


The real estate developer of Dubai, Ellington Properties and European Union owners offer valuable tips on the most important elements to be considered in new home schemes.

The recommendations, according to a statement received from ArabianBusiness, include Elita's buyers and award-winning designers in the industry.

First: Location .. First and last

The site remains a top priority in searching for your dream. Choose residential units close to the most important destinations in Dubai, in a quiet complexity with an unfavorable social atmosphere away from the city's daily and professional life.

Second: practical planning of floors

Detailed design of floors is one of the essential elements for enjoying the beauty of design elements. Buyers should avoid houses with many corridors, and choose the units where doors, windows and balconies are being implemented. They chose wide kitchens with large storage areas and all large machines.

Bathrooms must be spacious and have bright lights and details are easy to clean. Bedrooms, which are the main bedroom, would rather include an adequate clothing wardrobe for bags and ownership of the modern population.

Third: Choose the finishes without defects

A color gradient used in any home can be an essential element in making a purchasing decision, so choosing the right colors is a key element to draw the features of the general design of the house. Choose the appropriate finishes for your personal tastes, also consistent with the nature of the room. Neutral colors keep their position as a preferred option that can be matched with different types of furniture, and high quality finishes mean more benefits for long-term buyers, especially if they want to sell the property.

Fourth: carefully selected facilities

In recent years, the social environment for families has become one of the most important elements of choosing new homes. Integrated facilities make people more likely to stay indoors rather than going out for entertainment at the weekend, which the company looks forward to offering in their unique homes. The range of facilities that the population is looking for includes a combination of fitness centers, scenery and pool style pools with relaxed lounges.

Families should look for homes that provide indoor and outdoor play areas for children, and also meet friends and family at weekends without having to move away from home. It's common in luxury plans to have a social club with different games, as well as a reception lounge where guests and residents can sit or stay.

Fifth: Notable design of places

There is no doubt that the green spaces enrich the atmosphere of residential complications and give them a lively character and purity, which also reflected positively on the population. The trees distributed aesthetically can open up to an outdoor lifestyle that includes poolside parties or family barbecue as well as family entertainment, as well as improving relaxation and tranquility from the pace of life in and city.

Elington also encourages new owners to wait until they are comfortable with the transfer and selection process that suits their needs and their lifestyle.

After setting up in 2014, Ellington aims to develop beautiful environments that offer lifestyle and exceptional quality for residents. Having inspired the art world, Ellington's residential units reflect the aspirations of its owners and combine classic and modern views. The company's projects include luxury residential units, high-rise buildings and family friendly residential facilities in downtown Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah, and a project New at Jumeirah Village Circle.

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