Sunday , January 24 2021

4 what can you do when making a voice call on Android phones

The Android operating system provides many features to users, including the ability to carry out a number of tasks on the phone when making some voice calls. Here's a list of things to do during a call on your Android phone:

– Make a second call:

Before that, it was not a double call, but the Android system allows users to make a double-click double call, as well as the ability to switch between the two calls or their combination, A feature that is useful on several occasions, by adding a call option.

– Check links and demand history

In a conversation, you can easily browse your contacts and call history by pressing the Home button and Home screen. Open the Connections application and then you can search for the person in the start or scroll and look for the desirable contact.

– Exercise some games

Similarly, the user can also play any game when making a voice call, by pressing the Home button and home screen opens the game, but be careful if there is a game that needs to be played You can connect to the Internet, it may be difficult to practice.

– Browse Media Media

This can be done because the Android system allows the call to continue in the background. You must do everything and press the Home button and open the other application and usually work on it, but the user will notice that the status bar has changed from the usual color to green, the phone is continue.

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