Friday , May 27 2022

$ 11 billion investments for Mubadala this year – the economic – the local market


Mubadala invested more than $ 11 billion this year on December 1, according to consulting firm Global SWF, a 46% increase over last year. This compares with a 36% reduction in new capital invested by each SWF during the same period.

Mubadala has emerged as one of the most active sovereign wealth funds globally this year during the pandemic, establishing a lending partnership with GE Capital, launching aircraft parts manufacturing with Airbus and Boeing support, and investing in Hospital 364-bed Cleveland clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Mubadala, along with Silver Lake, a private equity firm headquartered in New York and Menlo Park, California, invested in a $ 2.25 billion funding round for Alphabet’s self-driving car unit in February. And in May, it pledged $ 1.2 billion to buy a stake in Indian technology and communications giant Geoblatforms – a company backed by Facebook, Silverlake and the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

In September, Silver Lake announced a $ 2 billion commitment from Mubadala to help it launch a new strategy that would allow the private equity firm to invest money over a 25-year period, much longer than usual on for a procurement fund. Mubadala has also acquired a stake in technology-focused Silver Lake, which has emerged as one of the most active investors during the pandemic.

New fields

Mubadala has also invested in technology, financial services and retail in an effort to help Abu Dhabi reduce its dependence on oil revenues, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Mubadala became a central investor in a new $ 12 billion business venture launched by Apollo to provide large loans. While these discussions have been taking place since last year, the pandemic has added urgency to the issue, according to informed sources. Mubadala later announced a $ 3.5 billion partnership with Barings to provide smaller loans to medium-sized European companies.

This year Mubadala led or was involved in investments in a UK medical software and communications company, Envision Pharma Group, PCI Pharma Services from Pennsylvania, and the German drug discovery and development company Evoteq. And last month, the fund acquired a stake in the UAE in a company working with Chinese Sinopharm in the third phase of the vaccine trial.


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