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10 Unforgettable Advantages in New Update … Apple makes talking and monitoring "iPhone" t



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Apple, the US company, revealed on Monday, March 25, the new update to the operating system "IOS 12.2", for iPhone phones.

Live Hacker published a detailed report on Apple's new features unprecedented in its latest operating system below 12.2.

The website monitored 10 new features added by Apple to its operating system on the iPhone, which came as follows: t

Apple Plus News:

Apple has introduced a new service to showcase more than 900 sites and magazines worldwide, creating a new and innovative image for all its users, but this feature is paid as little as $ 10 per month.

2- Siri:

IOS 12.2 supports Siri's support for new Apple products such as AirBuds, to be compatible with new iPhones and new H1 chips.

It also offers new possibilities for Siri Smart Voice Assistant, such as playing videos from any Apple device or running the TV if it runs the IOS operating system.

3 – AirPlay:

With ios 12.2, the new feature supports full control of any Apple TV or device from settings, settings, screen locks, audio or video play, and can also aggregate different types of content by scoring, so that the user is make them easily accessible at any time.

4. Portfolio:

Apple has developed its Digital Wallet or Wallet application largely with the new operating system ios 12.2, which will allow users to transfer money to their bank accounts immediately, using debit cards or credit cards.

5- Safari:

IOS 12.2 has greatly improved the functionality of the Safari browser, so the browser can alert when trying to access unencrypted web pages, and can now provide user specific preferences for their preferences.

6. Air quality:

The new update to 12.2 provides guidance on the air quality indicator in the area around any user and directs it to the nearest points with cleaner air.

But so far that advantage has only worked in the US and India, and Apple promised to support the rest of the world later.

7th generation icon:

In the new update ios 12.2, Apple has provided a new icon of the name ā€œ5G Eā€, which will be reserved for iPhone 8 and newer phones only, which will provide information on where they can provide generation networks so that the user can enjoy By.

8 – pure voice:

Apple's new iOS 12.2 update offers better sound quality for messages and a technical problem with some devices that prevented lost calls from appearing in the notification center and did not show the real time of the call, and some of the Technical problems that ran the recordings Connect to your car's Bluetooth device automatically.

9. Payment Maps:

Apple, in its new update ios 12.2, offers a unique combination of Apple Bay and Apple Maps, so maps can show the most obvious places where the consumer paid any money earlier.

10. New forms:

IOS 12.2 continues to use new animated emoticons, which Animoji has launched, where new forms such as "giraffe, shark, pig, and owl" are introduced.

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