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Based on the data from Google Trends, the Bitcoin word search rate is a Google search engine, released on April 1, 2018 in 19 Mays 2019.

Erkan Z's digital economy expert said that the increase or decrease in Google searches was among the most important specialist exhibitions affecting the price of Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin is $ 3150 in Arge 2018 and after the bottom, the penny week is over 8000 dollars. 17 In the Mays, the Bitcoin, which dropped to $ 7,000, is trading at $ 7897.

Erkan Z explained that the Consensus Conference, held mainly in New York, was behind the recent price movements and added:

"In the years of transport, the price of Bitcoin was correct towards the Haftas Blockchain and the Para Crypto Consensus Conference in New York, during which time it was increased and the activity was over.

Increasing Google searches can be another factor that increases the price of Erkan Bitcoin z, "This is only one side parties that can be forwarded, the price can increase the speed of the search can also trigger higher housing".

z, the price of Bitcoin since the last year of easing relieving institutional investors, added the growing interest in the szlerine

The Crypto Money News website showed the focus on cryptocur and Bitcoin money on Google's "60 minute" program, released on the CBS, as one of the main reasons for Google's Bitcoin calls. The program was watched by 7.9 million people.

According to Google Trends data, search rates for Bitcoin in the world were higher in countries such as Africa, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and Nigeria.

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