Sunday , August 7 2022

Why does the zebra have lines? This is the result of the latest research on zebra …


Recent studies by zebra scientists, one of the most original creatures of their strips, with their strip pattern and animal regime, reveal interesting results.

Researchers, skin can base on stunning strips of blood suction insects, keep away from fatal diseases and said they are protected.

In the study conducted in Somerset, England, researchers commented that wires had been worn with a zebra pattern and the amount of insects placed on them. It was seen that more insects were placed on horses that had not been worn in a zebra pattern.

Martin How, a biologist at the University of Bristol, said insects found a very low solution, and that the strip pattern could have a similar effect to the sun that the sun could look at in pilots.

Previous studies have shown that strip pattern skin provides camouflage to the zebra and facilitates mutual recognition.

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