Tuesday , March 9 2021

Who was erased from MasterChef? Who was erased from the MasterChef of Turkey on November 27 their name? Eslem or Mehmet?

The name given to Turkey, who died MasterChef! MasterChef's name to one of the three qualifying game in Turkey has farewell to dreaming of being MasterChef.

The MasterChef of Turkey came to the screen section 26. After a immune game passed the team's game. Here is the 27 November MasterChef 26 stunning. What happened last …


Mastechef Teams took part in the race. Today, one of the largest hotels in Istanbul was made for 45 teachers. Kerem, the red team, fell ill. Mehmet received a penalty for a while, Meltem stays alone and walked with the help of the Hakan work. Meanwhile, there was an unfortunate event for Meltem. Meltem forgot the film stretching inside the dish. But the food with the movie did not extend eating. In the studio, the votes won the immunity were announced by 27 – 18 red teams.


The team lost the team's blue immune game. Uğur, Eslem, Burcu and Hakan went to the immune game. If Hakan wins immunity again, he will share this right with one of the other competitors. An interesting game was played before the meals were made. The red team competitors put plates their dreams. After that, the blue team prepared the plates drawn by the red team. The plates of Burcu and Uğur were the 2 most favored plates. So ESLEM came to the second competitor to enter the eligible pot. The immunity was won by Uğur. So, BURCU, Eslem and Mehmet joined the pot of eradication.


At MasterChef, Mehmet, Eslem and Burcu went to eradicate. The wheat rizotto was made as a blower dish with a rash with a scallop sauce. After the foods were tasted and Burcu became the first name in the competent pot. MasterChef Mastechef dreams filter to name who died from Turkey MEHMET He was. Eslem won the right to continue with the competition.


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