Thursday , January 20 2022

Who is Alina Boz? Does she marry Mithat Can Özer?


Citizens are still investigating who Alina Boz is investigating. Mithat All Özer and mothers who met Mithat Can Özer for a period of 10 months. So who is Alina Boz?


Alina Boz was born on June 14, 1998 in Moscow, Russia. Alina Boz, whose mother in Russia, his father was a Bulgarian immigrant, stayed in Russia until she started a primary school. Due to the work of the family back to Turkey Alina Boz was seven years old to Istanbul. He graduated from the Caban Department of the Gökjet Aviation High School Department. After graduating, he was admitted to the Kadir Has University Theater Department.

Dance and theater training with the decision to return to Turkey, Ali Boz, began to appear in the television world, despite his young age. Alina Boz appeared for the first time in a series of "The Brave Nurse."

In 2014, Nurgül Yeşilçay came to Hazal's character to life in the series of the name Paramparça ğı where Erkan Petekkaya played. In 2016, he made his first film in Kaçma Birader with Zafer Algöz, Meek Baykal, Cihan Ercan, Nursel Köse and Necip Memilli.

Alina Boz now gives life to Azra's character in the My Hand-Drop series, which is broadcast on TRT 1. Alina Boz, 1.73 meters high, 50 pounds and Gemini.

Alina Boz's veun roles and films include:

2018 – Dropping My Hand (Azra) (TV Series)
2018 – You Are My Motherland (The Princess Anastasia Romanova) (Television Series)
2017 – Garden of Love (Defne) (Television Series)
2017 – Movie (Cinema)
2016 – Brother Bones (Melis Kahveci) (Picture Offer)
2014 – Shattered (Hazal) (Television Series)
2013 – Nurse Brave (Canan) (Television Series)

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