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Whitening Skin: How are the methods made?


Skin wearing care is a method that is often used for caring women. Babies' skin is not soft, smooth, shiny and favorite cotton. No need for expensive cosmetic methods. Here are ways to make your skin look like a baby again, losing its natural luster and comfort.

Skin dressing is self care and looks after women looking after care. In November, our skin began to dry with the weather. Our skin, released from summer, has dried with autumn winds and changed color. Solar, wind, cold effects such as the normal color of darkened and stained skin with stunning care can be made bright and old from old. Here are the skin care masks a skin whitening methodsOur soft, seamless and seamless skin we got when we were born, was solved for several reasons over time, sunlight and chemical and environmental due to different reasons. There is a little dream if the baby goes back on our skin.

It can be prepared at home without the need for expensive methods and it is possible to make deep care and vitality to the skin with the cheapest materials.

Whitening skin and skin health

Great natural yoghurt mask

Yogurt in every home. Yogurt is one of the best nutrients to the skin. The lactic acid that it contains is wearing the skin and provides the moisture required by the skin.

Preparing Yogurt Mask

It is recommended to use yoghurt that is fermented from natural milk to provide nutrition and skin shine. Naturally, fruit yoghurt wants to make care and skin to rub all the skin you want to dry and wait until it is completely dry with rainy water. You'll find the difference when you regularly do it for about a week

Yoghurt mask can be applied as a simple application of a few flaws of lemon juice and oatmeal may be added by pressing. You can apply this mixture to the area you want to wear again. It's enough to apply this mixture that includes yoghurt, lemon and oatmeal to the skin every 2-3 days.

Skin Injection with Friendly Lemon to Skin

In time, the glucose area, knee and headline aircraft will be opened when the right care is done and a healthier image is provided. Lime is another useful care product such as yoghurt. Pour the fresh lemon thoroughly by hand and soften and apply by rubbing it in the area you want to open and wait at least half an hour before the rinsing. Over time you will find the difference.

Orange and Zerdaçal Mix for Skin Brightness

Orange contains the minerals and minerals that need to regain the minerals lost in time and restore the minerals. Mix in a consistency field, such as orange juice and henna to apply, and apply for at least 1 hour. You will notice the difference immediately.

Chickpea Mask and Rose Water

Use the skin mask carefully with red powder and rose water, let it dry as an orange and zerdaçal mixture and then rinse with warm water. This mix that cleanses the skin and cleanses the dead skin allows you to have a lighter skin in time.

Aloe Vera Gel Friendly to Skin

Everyone knows the positive effects on the skin. Did you know that the gel you get from the fluid in the aloe leaves opens the color of the skin? To apply for this gel directly to the skin, it's enough to get the result you want.

Aloe vera is a plant that mothers have grown in many homes, especially in almost every home in the past. The gel obtained from the leaves of this plant in itself would not be wrong to say a miracle. This gel, which has many benefits to the skin, also supports the opening of the skin color. To take advantage of it, the whole thing you have to do is divide the aloe vera leaves into two pieces and pour the gelatin fluid that flows through & # 39 ch croen You can make this application every day with reassurance, you can get the exact results you want to use regularly.

Not to mention that aloe vera is very effective at sunburn.

And an indispensable mask of brass butter and milk mask

The most common method for skin hair has been applied for many years. Mix enough rice flour to consistency of henna, mix with milk and put on the skin for at least half an hour, then rinse with warm water. We recommend that you do this as normal weekly maintenance and you will notice the difference in a few weeks.

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