Saturday , November 28 2020

When is Black Friday? Legendary Friday – Super Friday sale dates


The term Black Friday had a different meaning than it does now. The first recorded use of the term in the late 1800s was applied to financial crises, according to

As the story progressed, investors Jay Gould and Jim Fisk worked together to buy as much gold as possible so that they could raise the price and sell it for an incredible profit. On September 24, 1869, the plot was dissolved and led to a free fall in the price of gold and the stock market.

Wall Street firms went bankrupt, foreign trade stopped, and wheat and corn harvest prices fell. In the 1980s, retailers found the term to have a much more positive reflection in history. After operating at a loss for a year, stores can finally make a profit on the day following Thanksgiving. It’s unclear how real the script is, but it’s the most popular belief.

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