Wednesday , September 28 2022

When did the first Internet shopping site appear?


After the first website that offers an opportunity to buy through the Internet, the process that led to the formation of the E-Commerce sector continues to evolve today. As the first shopping site, which started operating in the United States in 1994, Amazon has continued to evolve, leading to the establishment of a number of shopping sites today. Here's some information about the first shopping website


The first online shopping site was launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Bezos, who set up the Amazon internet site, hosted this initiative in Seattle, USA.

Nowadays, the internet network, which makes the shopping faster, is very new in 1994, but the first shopping site was opened and now it is the guide of the sites often used store.

The reason why the name of Amazon is selected is the idea of ​​going to alphabetically in alphabetical order. Therefore, a name started with the letter is A başlayan being selected. Nowadays, a wide range of products can be purchased on the Amazon shopping website such as DVD, CD music, computer software, computer games, electronic products, accessories and furniture.

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Amazon has also launched a well-sold product with an Amazon book reader sür Kindle Amazon. Many books are available on the internet with Kindle.

It is possible for the product purchased on to be sold again by the user on,,,,, IMDb and are the owner of large Internet companies.

As you recall, the first shopping center (AVM) with 550 years of Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is more than the service name.

Nowadays, there are many shopping websites. Home textiles, clothing, car care products, furniture and so on. There are websites that meet all types of needs. Give an example; Alan has the new way to reach hundreds of thousands of products in a fast, high quality and affordable way in dozens of internet categories with slogan; The Road to Shopping site meets people's needs quickly.

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