Saturday , July 2 2022

Whatsapp will Announce In-App Upcoming Updates


Whatsapp is preparing to make a change in terms of upcoming new updates. Whatsapp, which updated the privacy policies to be valid in 2021, will now ensure that all updates are published in the application.

The world’s most popular and popular instant messaging application WhatsappIt has more than 200 million active users and this number is increasing day by day. Especially updated and constantly updated application privacy and security It continues to receive more frequent and detailed updates. Of course, this makes smartphone users more inclined to use Whatsapp.

According to reports, Whatsapp has put its privacy policies in a regulatory process for 2021. With this update, the application’s privacy standards more different Another rumor has been raised about Whatsapp that will take it to a level. According to this rumor, Whatsapp will do all the updates it will make from next year. within the application announces.

Here’s a look at Whatsapp’s new update notice:

whatsapp update

The website called WABetaInfo, which revealed the rumor, also shared a photo about the issue. In the screenshot, with the new in-app update notification system privacy policy update is seen. At the bottom of the screen is the Agree, or accept button. Well what does it mean?

Whatsapp will offer users two different options for new updates: Receive or Delete Your Account. According to rumors, future privacy updates may require users to give certain permissions. People who receive this will be able to continue using Whatsapp, but those who do not accept these privacy terms will have to close their Whatsapp accounts. This is just rumors for the time being, so it’s too early to worry about it.


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