Wednesday , March 3 2021

What retirement will rise?

Up to retirement salary

Turkey's Statistical Institute (TSI) will announce its inflation November on Monday, December 3. So the late hike of retirees will become clearer.

What retirement will rise?

CBRT's end of year inflation expects 23.5 per cent. This also indicates an increase of 13.62 per cent for civil servants. So in 2019, the civil salary will rise to 415 liters. The base salary of the officer will be three thousand 465 lira. The salary of the retirement officer will increase at least 285 TL. The lowest retirement pension will rise to two thousand 379 liters.

The lowest increase for BAĞ-KUR and retired employees indicates at least 12.26 per cent with October Inflation. If the Central Bank expects that this rate will be 13.12 per cent. After taking up a trend in the 6 month inflation rate, Bağ-KUR and employee retirement workers rose by 9.17 per cent in the second half of this year in July. If the year of inflation has to be completed as expected by the Central Bank, the employee's pension will increase 219 pounds in 2019, with a basic salary of 670 pounds.

Is the new year looking at jackpots?

Before Ramadan and a sacrifice feast, there is an increase in the thousand pounds of bonus payments on the agenda. With the range inflation announced on January 3, 2019, a new salary increase will be completed.

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