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What is Mehmet Ali Erbil's last health status? | Is it from intensive care?


What is Mehmet Ali Erbil's last health status? Famous famous Mehmet Ali was shared with those who like news that would scare Erbil's lovers.So what is Mehmet Ali Erbil's last health status? Is it from intensive care? Will he die? All the details we are curious about …

Mehmet Ali Erbil, taken to the post-operative intensive care unit, started on October 26th. Mehmet Ali Erbil had to sleep again on November 2.

Erbil, who has been in intensive care for 29 days, told his brother, Yeşim Erbil, the doctor.

"We've given us news that we are tired news. Last week, we had said we had left the breathing equipment, we've just given this news a little news because we can surprise to you because of intensive care in the intensive care unit. It is broken and connected to the device.

Who is Mehmet Ali Erbil?

Mehmet Ali Erbil was born on 8 February 1957 in Istanbul. Her killer Kidney Shaykh Es'Er Erbîlî was born in Erbil in 1835 and later emigrated to Istanbul and she was activated for her involvement with Menemen events.
His father, Sadettin Erbil, Okan, Mustafa and Yeşim have brothers. Mehmet Ali Erbil's secondary school life, the second son of the theater and actor Sadettin Erbil, a native of Turkmen's origin, started in Istanbul when his mother's father, Yurdagül Eken, split up with an officer. When it comes to the age of 14 and secondary school age, it is understood that dad can not wait longer. And the residential school formula is determined.

In 1970, he entered the Conservatory State of Ankara secondary school as a resident student, and at 16 he was chosen as the play leader by his teacher, Cüneyt Gökçer. He was only 17 when he won the Best Actor Award in the State Theater.

After graduating from there, he started working at Ankara State Theater, where he appeared in a number of plays, including Küheylan. By the age of 21, he must make a decision that will change the course of his life. Either he will stay in Ankara and continue his career in the theater, or will evaluate his musical offers from Istanbul. He does the last and resigns as a civil servant, and today's portrait of Mehmet Ali Erbil is a gradual shape. He received money from the musical shows overnight, by the bureaucrat he won in a month.

İzzet Öz, which I found as an administrator and man of an indicator, which made me take my first stage to television. Our adventure started with him. Then, during a single channel broadcasting period, they form a duet with Derya Baykal in the Entertainment & Metronomic program; in TRT and in the year 1984 with Çiğdem Tunç. When opening private channels, Erbil moved from TRT to Channel 6. Then he made a TV show on Star TV and ATV and Show TV.

As his father was a film maker, he met with dubbing very young and loved him.

A successful entertainer, who came to the top with the "Çarkıfelek" and "Tatlı Kaçıklar" series published in ATV, "Harakiri" and "Hababam Sınıfı Güle Güle" was a big screen. Recently, the role was Sinan Cetin "Mr E", Gani Müjde "Kahpe Byzantine", directed by Ömer Uğur "Hemşo" in the film. He also held the show "Bir Bir Gece Gece" (TRT). His Awakening movie with Ilyas Salman (1985) was a great deal.

He gave a break in his television program following an organization that did not live in the RTÜK law when presenting Ya Şundadır Ya Bunda, broadcast live on ATV. He played previously with Emel Sayın in the My Love My Love series.

Mehmet Ali Erbil has voiced Shrek's animated film ash character.

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Marriages and Societies:
Mehmet Ali Erbil, 1980, his first marriage with Muhsine Şehnaz Kamiloğlu. On April 16, 1982, Erbil had a daughter of the name Sezin.
In 1985, he was married to Muhsine Şehnaz Kamiloğlu.
Erbil later married the model Nergis Kumbasar on August 20, 1989. On December 2, 1995, he named the famous Yasmin show. And they divorced in 1996, seven years after they got married.
Lover: Ebru Cündübeyoğlu, actors
Lover: Ozlem Yildiz, presenter
Lover: Nefise Karatay, model
Erbil sat the wedding board in 2001, this time next to Sedef Altuntaş. But this marriage did not last long.
Last Erbil married Tuğba Coşkun (fifth) on April 30, 2005. On July 3, 2006, they had a child named Ali Sadi. However, it's not enough to hold this colony in 2011 after divorced.

Mehmet Ali Erbil is not currently married to anyone. and Fenerbahce's dark fan.

Stelyo Pipis is Mehmet Ali Erbil's manager

Playing Theater Games:
1988- School Artiz: Müjdat GezenKandemir Carrier – Şan Theater
1986 – Thousand Years A Thousand Years Later: Yavuz TugrulVural Sözer – Theatr Şan
1982 – Neşşey-i Muhabbet: Theatr Canu –
1980 – Co-operative Truth: Haldun Dormen – Theatr Canu
1978 – I Closure My Vazifemi Eyes I Do: Haldun Taner – Ankara State Theater
1977 – Miss: Moliere – Ankara State Theater
1976 – View of the Bridge: Arthur Miller – Ankara State Theater
1976 – Aman A Fun: Cevdet Yavuzdogan – Ankara State Theater
1974 – Küheylan: Peter Shaffer – Ankara State Theater –
1973 – Lord Istanbul: Musahipzade Celal – Ankara State Theater –
Produced in Movies:
2006 – Güldünya (Television Series)

Movies and Actor Series:
2015 – Alaturka Police Academy (cinema)
2012 – Harem (Ulan Bator) (Television Series)
2010 – Cute Animals (Turkish Voice) (Cinema)
2010 – Pak Panter (Yuri Gagarin) (Picture Offer)
2009 – Cat in Boots (Turkish Voice) (Cinema)
2008 – Cute Dinosaur On Holiday (Turkish Voice Over) (Cinema)
2008 – Masked Five: Cyprus (Rocky Selim) (Picture Offer)
2008 – Ece (Ege) (Television Series)
2008 – Aşkım Aşkım (Şener) (Television Series) (13 episodes)
2007 – Battle of the Stars (War Bozok) (TV Series)
2006 – Adorable Dinosaur (Voice) (Picture Offer)
2006 – Emret Commander: Shah Mat (Karpov) (Photo Offer)
2006 – The Man Who Saved the World (Capten Zaldabar / Kartal) (Cinema)
2006 – Cesur Balık (Turkish Voice) (Cinema)
2005 – Teberik Unlucky (Teberik Unlucky) (Movie TV)
2005 – The Five Masked: Revenge In Pursuit … (Movie Director)
2005 – Keloğlan Against the Prince Ddu (Keloğlan) (Cinema)
2005 – Hababam Class 3.5 (Deli Bedri) (Photo Offer)
2004 – Shrek 2 (Turkish Voice) (Picture Offer)
2004 – The Thief! (Ekrem) (Picture Offer)
2004 – Hababam Sınıfı Askerde (Bedri Binbaşı) (Cinema)
2004-2005 – Latest Fathers Duyar (Semih) (Television Series)
2003 – Ömerçip (Driver Adnan) (Picture Offer)
2003 – Hababam Class: Hello (Deli Bedri) (Photo Offer)
2003 – Gorlawn (Tarcan) (Television Series)
2002 – I Am Ill Doctor (Talat Can) (Television Series)
2001 – Shrek (Turkish Voice) (Cinema)
2001 – Aşkım Aşkım (Şener) (Television Series)
2000 – Hosam (Yasar) (Cinema)
2000 – Can Dostlar (Television Series)
1999 – Toy Story 2 (Turkish Voice) (Picture Offer)
1999 – Kahpe Byzantine (İlletyus) (Cinema)
1999 – Asterix and Obeliks: Against Cesar (Turkish Voice) (Cinema)
1996 – Sweet Freaks (Rafet) (Television Series)
1995 – Traveling Time (Television Series)
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1995 – Mr E (İsmet Berkan) (Picture Offer)
1993 – American (Radio broadcaster) (Cinema)
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1987 – Good Morning Vietnam (Turkish Voice) (Picture Offer)
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1987 – Allah (Ali) (Photo Offer)
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1986 – Gülümse Biraz (The Voice of Günay Girik) (Picture Offer)
1985 – Ya Ya Ya Sha Sha (Llais Kemal Uzun) (Picture Offer)
1985 – The World of Awakening (Dolap Osman) (Cinema)
1985 – Societe Şaban (Yaman Tüzcet Voiceover) (Cinema)
1985 – Girls Classes (Maths Classroom) (Cinema Film)
1985 – Fractured Life (Voice) (Television Series)
1985 – Around the corner (motion pictures)
1985 – The Millionaire Poor (Necmi) (Video)
1985 – Deliye Hergün Bayram (Şemsi İnkaya Voice) (Cinema)
1985 – Acımak (The Voice of Kaya Sensev) (Television Series)
1984 – Çalsın Sazlar (İlhan Daner Voice) (Cinema)
1984 – Fire (Şemsi İnkaya Voice) (Cinema)
1984 – Love to Rise (Doctor Sedat) (Picture Offer)
1984 – Lodos Zühtü (Erdinç Akbaş Voice) (Cinema)
1984 – Have you seen my wife? (Ali) (Picture Offer)
1984 – Kader Çıkmazı (İlhan Daner Voice) (Cinema)
1984 – Great Extraction in the Hurricane (Voice of Sami Hazards) (Cinema)
1984 – Aşkım Günahımdır (Melih Çardak Voice) (Cinema)
1984 – Love Exile (Llais Hüseyin Altın) (Cinema)
1983 – Half Puppets (Video)
1983 – Kurban (Voice) (Picture Offer)
1983 – Sun Day (Voice) (Cinema)
1982 – Seven Bela Hüsnü (Necati Er Voice) (Cinema)
1982 – Burning Women (Llais Günay Girik) (Photo Offer)
1982 – Vatan Kucağında (Hüsnü) (Picture Offer)
1982 – Join the Sun (Voice Nuri Alço) (Photo Offer)
1981 – Hababam Güle Güle (Ali) (Cinema) Class
1978 – Wish / Wish Stone Box (Voice) (Cinema)
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1973 – The Wind (Turkish Voice) (Television Series)

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