Friday , September 30 2022

What is Anton syndrome


Neurologist Mehmet Yavuz gave information about Anton Syndrome, our disease denying blindness.

Anton's Syndrome The relationship between the brain and the senses is more complicated than it should be, and the signals we receive from our senses can be misleading. For example, a we deny that he has not been able to see patients with Anton Syndrome where blindness develops because of the problem. This is because they see it, but what they see is distorted by brain interpretation. Cortical blindness is a complete loss of sight or partial occurrence in a normal looking condition due to damage to the visual field of occipital cortex of the brain. This damage is mainly due to insufficient blood flowing into the occipital cortex due to bilateral or bilateral arteriosclerotic occlusion (bilateral). A patient with cortical blindness is either less conscious or less aware of sight loss. This is known as Anton Syndrome.

How is?

Damage to an eye nerve can cause blindness in that eye depending on the extent of damage. Damage to the visual trails can also lead to full blindness in the relevant eye. In the blindness caused by brain circles, the rule is the damage to the vision center in hemispheres of the brain. In this case, patients (sudden, minute, or within hours) develop sight loss. generally;

  • Breaking the veins, the brain, t
  • Injury to the head
  • Degenerative disorders, t
  • It is caused by metabolic disorders.
  • Patients cannot find themselves blind

Anton Syndrome is cortical blindness but is not limited to this. In these patients, there is a problem in communication between regions of the brain as well as visual loss. The damage to Anton's syndrome is not limited to the destruction of the vision center, but the loss of function also develops in the links between the vision center and other regions of the country; the brain.

In patients, the links between the mind and the speech centers and the vision center are deteriorating. Accordingly, the individual loses the ability to see this loss with sight loss. Patients can produce unrealistic information as they see them, or if they feel there is a problem because of the reactions they receive from others, it depends on whether the environment is not well lit or not wearing their glasses. This situation causes blindness to be neglected as well as denied. This, as envisaged, can lead to serious risks.

They don't realize they are blind.
Anton's syndrome patients do not behave blindly, they believe there are no visual problems and deny their situation sincerely. In fact, they experience the experience they think; however, the image is produced entirely inside.

Anton Syndrome occurs by banning the irrigation of the front part of the brain, including the visual center. Generally, one-sided but if it's two sides, the situation is even worse. When it is unilateral, it may not be noticed for a long time. Because patients see
he is not even aware of the problem.

They can hit a lot of things until they know that there is something of its place. Although looking and seeing are separate things, although these patients also see that the event is not changing. Because the patient is in a virtual perception.

How is it diagnosed?
In this case, the patient continues to respond to the pupil's light, even if the vision's capabilities are lost. To understand that the syndrome exists, the normal operation of optic nerves and non-cortical eye functions are tested. For this purpose, the patient is asked to define what they can easily describe in normal circumstances. For example, how many people here, such as what color. Most of the time, the patient can't hold the numbers and the colors without hesitation saying white. Currently diagnosis can be made but there is currently no effective treatment.

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