Tuesday , August 9 2022

What happened to the last chapter of Forbidden Apple? Is the piece of Apple Forbidden's 38 section published?


Last night the Forbidden Apple was predicted to the screen with its 38th chapter. So what happened in the last chapter? Has the new chapter trailer been announced? This is the detail.

The Apple Forbidden series brings new chapters every Monday to FOX TV screens. New audiences watch new episodes of the series with Sam Şevval, Talat Bulut, Onur Tuna, Eda Ece and Sevda Erginci.


When he meets Kaya, the company's new CEO, he is surprised when he meets Erim at the airport. As Kaya Ender's predecessor is Halit. His affinity with Erim is afraid. Meanwhile, Asuman stabbed Mustafa and asked for his help. She's going to Bursa with her family to the family of Yıldızt. Halit went to Mustafa and asked him not to complain about Asuman. Halit says the fact that Mustafa Yıldız is the father. We are amazed at this fact but we are trying to correct the situation. As long as Asuman gives the control, he will be released on Tuesday and he comes to Istanbul on Zeynep's wedding. For a time, Mustafa considers Halit's application by managing the situation. Meanwhile, Yıldız learns from his mother that his father is Mustafa and he is very angry. Dundar and Zeynep come to the hall on wedding day Zeynep's head is very complicated. Surprisingly, Alihan came to say goodbye to Zeynep before he left for America. At the end of the emotional conversation between them is Alihan's airport. But Zeynep was sorry, leaving a note to Dündar, following Alihan. And in the end, they meet with each other.


The new prohibited epilepsy trailer has not yet been released.

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