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Tier transplant in two patients by one donor – Health and Nutrition News


The liver was removed from a patient with which the organs were sacrificed, and the liver was split into two, and the two mothers who were waiting to be transplanted live.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ibn Sina, University of Ankara (AU), the death of the brain occurred by the family organs to give her parents, at the same time in 3 operating rooms, 16 hours after the transfer be transferred to Hale Aşıkoğlu and Fatma Karakan.

Faculty of General Surgery, Membership and Faculty Dr. Deniz Balcı, Dr. Professor Kaan Karayalçın, Professor Dr. Meltem Koloğlu, from team team anesthesia. Dr. Başak Ceyda Meço junior transplant, more than 10 faculty members, and almost 20 specialist doctors and assistant present.

"I was waiting for my son's yoke."

History teacher, Hale Asikoglu healthcare after the transplant, said in a junior transplant statement in June to expect her son to enter 18 by expressing, "My son was going to be 18 in June. I have been suffering from this disease for 11 years. It was last night and I'm very good at the moment. I would like to thank the intensive care unit and the transplant team . "he said.

Fatma Karakan who has been treated for 12 years because of the liver failure has also had the joy of transplantation. Karakan, "God has helped us to be transported, but those who do not. Let everyone put their organs and those waiting for their health," he said.

"The liver is split into two patients."

Responsible Expert of the Ankara Transplant Center of the University of Ankara and the General Surgery Department, Faculty Member. Dr. Balcı said they were happy to perform a beautiful organ transplant during organ donation week.

The death of brain in the liver organs was expressed by the gift of Balci, the liver was split with two and two recipients apart from finding a team life that took a passed decision.

Professor Dr. Balcı said they were calling for the candidate receiving patients for transplants and that they started preparations. successful team operation. "he said.

Emphasizing that a great team team needs to be used using different operating rooms at the same time, Balcı said:

"You make a transplant by dividing the right and left of the liver with two adults. It needs a great team on it. It also requires the experienced trainers to work together in a good operating room, intensive care and anesthesia

At the same time, there are three consecutive actions on three action tables. This kind of operations can only be done in centers with large infrastructure facilities. The surgery was developed in more than 10 faculty members and almost 20 in the process of attending a specialist doctor and assistant.

Professor Dr. Balci, an organ donation within the scope of two separate patients happy to find healing, more organ donation will be a world of hope for patients, he says.

"We have a brave team"

Rector of Ankara University Dr Erkan İbiş said they were very happy that the junior transplant that was carried out with broad involvement brought both patients to health.

Junior, kidney and heart transplants are very successful, including children and adults at the University expressing İbiş, "The important thing is to continue the success of the transplant process. We are proud of experienced doctors. ; n performed the transplant. " he says.

Professor Dr. İbiş noted that a transplant can be made, with an increase in social sensitivity in organ transplantation, "Organ donation dissatisfaction is particularly in patients with a brain death. The Directorate of Religious Affairs also has messages about this issue. Serious education and legal regulations are needed. phrases used.

Emphasizing that more successful results can be achieved as the front of the studies in medicine has been achieved, İbiş said:

"Our teams are also delivering international successes, they can follow innovations straight away. We have a heavy team to make the transfers everyone can sailing. They are also very successful with their work.

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