Thursday , November 26 2020

There is illegal electricity & # 39; in the heart is cut off

including the Gaziantep University of Turkey (GAIN) Faculty of Medicine, which also applies in some hospital centers and patients with a 1-2 hour approach, the opportunity to be able to continue with their healthier lives.

GAÜN Medical Faculty Head of Department of Cardiology Department Murat Sucu, heart rhythm disorders, is a common health problem in the community, he says.

Rhythm disorders sometimes caused by different disorders such as anemia, stress, goat, infection or inherent disorders in the heart structure, said Sucu.

heart "auxiliary roads" There are many ways of the name Sucu, these roads do not work despite the spontaneous time to become active, causing rhythm disturbance, he says.

Professor Dr. Dr. Murat Sucu, which is usually in the middle of the system that provides electrical impulse, works through a single route:

"So there are power lines in the heart, in some people there is a second, third way of birth. When electricity starts to become normal and illegal, so the accessory begins to grow. Their structure is different. Some are good. In women, we can see people without heart disease, and these do not threaten the patient's life, but they cause palpitation symptoms. We also see these in people with the failure of the heart, heart disease, genetic heart disease. "

There is illegal electricity & # 39; in the heart is cut off


Sucu said they were able to successfully handle heart rhythm disorders at university hospitals.

Professor Dr. Dr Murat Sucu, and surgery under local anesthesia and can be applied to people of all ages, saying:

We apply this method to patients with intrinsic indigenous paths or focuses. We can release the patient within 24 hours, and the length of the operation can vary according to the patient. Life-saving treatment method. "

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