Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Sayan Prosecutor is now a Mayor of Pain

AKP candidate Prosecutor Sayan took 55,60% of the votes used in Ağrı and finished the race in front of Abdurrahman Dogar, the nearest UDP candidate who received 37.17% of the vote.


Sayan, a 47-year-old prosecutor who started politics very early in the CHP, remained in the ranks of the CHP until 2015. Former CHP Chair Deniz Baykal Team S, who has been based in Team A, had to resign from due to the resignation of Baykal tape cassette on 2011 when watching the elders' eyes related to the lens. Sincan, who was a member of the CHP CHP v. Baykal during Kemal Kılıçdrawğlu period, this seat.

PHOTOS: UAV – Prosecutor Sayan, had made politics in the ranks of the CHP until 2015.


In 2015 "Turkey at a crossroads. I've been a candidate candidate from the AK Party by introducing my choice for the country." Sayan, who joined AKP ranks by making a statement, became a PAP candidate of Izmir at elections The prosecutor Sayan, who was 7th candidate in the Second Region in Izmir, failed to enter the Assembly.

BAYKAL 'A LE TO WE AT THE ATATURK AT EYES' ized DEKİŞ the AKP in terms of literary criticism

The prosecutor Sayan in his speech at the 32rd CHP General Assembly on April 26th, 2008, was also on the agenda after taking part in the ranks of the Scheme. In his speech at the convention, Sayan who criticized the AKP government was very hard, ayan We know the good and we know the evil. If we didn't know the bad, we were all members of the Asset Management Plan now. If jam weight in this country has passed the weight of the fish, some things are corrupt. While the AKP comes to Hz. He said that we will bring Omer's justice. We respected them then. While the state does its job, the state burned its own candle in doing its work. I wonder who they are burning candles on ships? Mr Deniz Baykal, President of the Republic of Turkey, has suffered from the destruction of seas. I see Anatolia and Atatürk in your eyes

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