Thursday , April 15 2021

The League League ended in the League of Nations – National Team News

New UEFA Foundation at a national level The League of Nations7 games A, B, C and D were made 7 weeks.

Leading the rounds in Group A 3 Portugal, The Poland with 1-1 tower

Turkey has dropped to a lower section to remain their last place in Group B League 2 Swedish, at home RussiaHe was defeated 2-0. Sweden, Russia from both teams with a total of two points out of the average prepared for A League.

League Group C 1 Scotland, in the field Israel3 i beat 3-2. With this result, score 9, Scotland, B League. group Albania, 3 points in the last place by falling to League D.

Serbia, C League 4 Group hosts the game LithuanianFalling 4-1, he reached 14 points and wrote his name in League B. Besiktas football in Serbia Adem Ljajic, the final goal of the team recorded. Lithuania in the last row with no points in the group fell to a lower league.

League D is Group 3 Kosovo, The Azerbaijan4 yükselen I passed the score to score 14 and C League, the team was the increase.

The results are as follows:

– Alliance A

Group: Portugal-Poland: 1-1

– Alliance B

Group 2: Sweden-Russia: 2-0

– Alliance C

Group 1: Scotland-Israel: 3-2

4. Group: Serbia-Lithuania: 4-1

Montenegro-Romania: 0-1

– League D

Group: Malta-Faroe Islands: 1-1

Kosovo-Azerbaijan: 4-0

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