Friday , May 27 2022

The last Record! Another reaction by Mustafa Cengiz: "TFF should not apply double standards"


Galatasaray Sports Club Chairman Mustafa Cengiz, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) argued and set up, according to team supporters who should not practice double standards.

Mayor Cengiz, in his written statement of the club's website, Galatasaray, Turkey is the most valuable national brand in the world in the sense of sport, said: "This is the most valuable brand, they are in institutions and an official situation or use the mediatic power, their Galatasaray personal fanaticism trying to harm, punish by trying to harm, not only will the gaffle and the argument they are in it Dychnad in Galatasaray, our country, to harm our homeland expressions used.

There is a red yellow club, more than 100 million condolences around the world, the country borders over 30 million fans and synergies that emphasize Cengiz's power for centuries, he said:

"The Galatasaray Sports Club to the top of the world can not be stopped by the slaps and bumps that have been thrown away from the field or outside. It must be equal to the crime and not to disturb the conscience of the community.

"Our club does not take any action against the written debates, orally of our club, punishing the official declaration, punishing the official declaration, and even defamatory insult against our club's competitor and coach's statements."


Cengiz noted that they are not in a management approach aimed at the fines that their opponents accept or accept, and who will be happy with them.

Cengiz said they were a community that has indexed to international achievements through national achievements, "We need justice for everyone and we are strong against double standards." used.

The media, field and Board of Directors of the TFF that apply double standards, the instrument, the world of occupation of the unfair positions and occupations occupied to bring the law to an end, records Cengiz, "Vakar in silence, which believes that the cattle can challenge at any time." In the form he noted the opinion.

Mustafa Cengiz, "Galatasaray against all sorts of traps, impulses, against all kinds of anti-evil against, despite respect for his opponents, will continue with the respect of the championship with dignity and nobility and will be a champion found in the evaluation.


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