Tuesday , May 24 2022

The last minute … US giant is buying a Turkish company


KONUYA andAccording to the information given by Reuters to both sources, the share transfer agreement is expected to be signed in the next few days.

Source "Eaton takes all Ulusoy Elektrik main shareholdings shares. It is expected that the transaction size is around $ 300 million," he said.

Another source, the discussions said for 4-5 months, the final agreement will soon be signed, he said. He said the same source, "Eaton has started negotiations with brokerage housing for an enforcement call."

After the news, Ulusoy Elektrik shares are traded at 14.50 pounds at 9.19% in 1637 after the shares attended 14.60 TL.

Eaton Corp, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, told Reuters about the matter "Eaton company policy, we do not comment on rumors and quotes about our activities," said the statement.

The last minute ... US giant is buying a Turkish company

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Ulusoy Elektrik did not comment on the subject.

It was established in 1985 to produce a wide range of electrical equipment for voltage electricity distribution and industrial facilities, Ulusoy Elektrik traded in Borsa İstanbul on November 2014.

According to the information contained in the Ulusoy Elektrik's website, Turkey, Indonesia and the net profit from the third quarter of the company, with operations in Algeria realized as 51,300,000 pounds, 30.7 per cent EBITDA edge, the amount of net profits was also at 30.2 percent.

According to the information provided by KAP, a total of 39 million Ulusoy Elektrik shares, with a total of 80 million liquid capital, are Sait Ulusoy; 17.73 per cent are also traded on the stock exchange. However, with the shares that are trading in the stock exchange held by the main shareholders, the free floating rate is around 30 percent.

Eaton, an energy management company, has a sales volume of 20.4 billion dollars in 2017. Operating in more than 175 countries, the company has 96,000 employees.

The last minute ... US giant is buying a Turkish company

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