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The incidence of asthma decreases in those with normal vitamin D levels


Department of Faculty of Medicine Hacettepe University, Disease Division of the Chest, Head of Allergens and Immunological Diseases Department. Dr. Fu Kalyoncu, asthma with breathing narrowing the airways, said the vitamin D level in normal people that the cases were lower.

Professor Dr. Kalyoncu said that asthma is a disease that develops on the genetic land under certain environmental conditions.

According to AA; Although asthma has disappeared from the deaths with the increased treatment options, Kalyoncu stressed that there is a serious health problem affecting people's quality of life. "There are around 300 million people with asthma in the world and 250 thousand people are lost every year."

Kalyoncu, the absence of access to medicines is restricted or deaths associated with asthma occurring in Africa and Asia, explaining that, "admissions to hospital due to asthma in Turkey are the trend of even falling t , "he said.

Kalyoncu said that three quarters of patients started before 30 years of age. Asmma Asthma has a strong association with colds, sinusitis and eczema, one that is allergic or not, with food and environmental factors in childhood , and medications and occupational factors in adulthood. Severe conditions and a problem such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and bowel stomach diseases have a detrimental effect on asthma, and severe asthma is usually an important condition that occurs after middle age, and t these diseases match it, and 10-15% of all asthma is severe. "


Astime in different countries, depending on the environment and different living conditions, showing that different Kalyoncu rates, "There are places where the disease is very rare," he said.

Kalyoncu, asthma, in terms of causes and risk in Turkey, noting that at the beginning of the most investigated diseases, "upcountry according to the coastal areas in the cities than in rural areas is seen at higher frequency." in children with asthma in Turkey 7-10 percent, in adults, 5-7 percent come to the obvious.

Kalyoncu said that there were more or less states with these figures. "There are provinces that are increasing trend in provinces where population movements are intense. For example, although there is an increasing trend in Adana, Ankara has followed a relatively stable trend."


Treatment should be used in the field of something other than medical information pointing Kalyoncu, "as long as the disease persists, a spray or dry powder should be treated with drugs used in the respiratory tract. The doctor considered tablets, nasal spray and injections, "he said.

Saying that there is no alternative treatment for asthma, Kalyoncu stressed the importance of prevention as well as medical treatment.

Professor Dr. Kalyoncu said that measures that can be taken in order not to develop asthma or cases of assaults: k Smoking at home, animal nutrition, house mold, respiratory infections, stress, food-drug allergies, unsuitable occupational environments and the winter weather pollution affects adverse asthma patients and leads to the development of attacks.

It is important to find out the reasons affecting the asthma patient. If the cases are identified, they should be removed from life, flu and pneumonia vaccines, the ideal weight should be avoided, tobacco and tobacco products should not be used and all smoke should be avoided.

Kalyoncu stressed that the level of vitamin D in asthma patients within normal limits should emphasize that asthma treatment has a positive effect on regular sports and sun use.

Many studies are carried out in many world centers for the relationship between asthma and vitamin D. t

Kalyoncu continued with his words as follows: "Recent research has shown clear relationships between vitamin D and asthma in both countries and worsens, however asthma is a common cause, and of course vitamin D can be Asthmatic patients with normal vitamin D can also suffer an attack for an emergency service.

Kalyoncu, who stresses that the main source of vitamin D is the sun, said that every healthy person should sink every day, 20-30 minutes in the morning when the rays are # t 39, steep, or 20-30% of the body in the morning 15 minutes.

In the vitamin D taken from the outside, an overdose can sometimes be seen because of Kalyoncu warnings, sun rays of clothing, glass or sunscreen reporting that the body.

Professor Dr. Kalyoncu, "Sunrise, by heating the body, asthma in controlling heat control, ie gives protection against more easy or persistent choking," he said.

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