Friday , August 19 2022

The Earth is awake … US crisis is announced



In the New York state, the authorities took action because of the increase in measles. In the Rockland region, the emergency measure, which specifically prohibits children from being vaccinated in public areas, comes into effect at midnight. 30 days of emergency measures can be extended to remain in force, if necessary, if 300,000 people cannot live in Rockland, children who have not been vaccinated in schools, libraries, shops and places of worship cannot go into public areas.

Rockland Regional spokesman John G. Lyon said in a statement, autumn 153 since the region fell to 153 cases of measles, a third came from 2019 to the obvious, he said.

In particular the communities adopting traditional life facilities and extreme modern medicine and refusing to vaccinate in the Rockland and New York City region, he said vaccination rates were lower, he said the communities were most affected by t the case.

Rockland's opening decision was seen as the most serious measure against the measles epidemic, while New York City had banned the children who had been vaccinated to go to school rather than an emergency announcement. New York, as well as Washington State, Texas, Illinois and California can be seen in cases of measles.


Measles disease has been published in the United States in 2000, but since last year, data from the Center for Control and Prevention has shown measles in 314 people across the country.


In Germany, the number of families who do not have measles to their children gradually increases, especially the health politicians, especially doctors who began to worry. In the country, parental choice is the vaccine.

It was revealed that the measles vaccination, usually performed on routine baby examinations, had been neglected because the families of the families underestimated their normal health checks. In neglecting this vaccine, children will face serious health problems that are distracting. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, his parents, said by calling his family, in terms of the health of our generations, jeopardizing diseases that end in death, taking the vaccines seriously, saying it should remain free from neglect, the Federal Minister for Health is speaking to continuing legal regulation, he said.

Every year, 600 children died in Germany as a result of neglect of the measles vaccine. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahnin, Italy, France, and in many other countries, said as the need to vaccinate against measles in Germany, he required it.

This behavior by families whose children do not have the necessary vaccinations is abuse. This must be punishments in the laws, he said, adding that families should find out more about the kindergartens, schools, social service places and cultural studies. Professor Dr. Karl Lauterbach's offer has received the support of many communities.

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