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The claim that Istanbul Airport is being sold

According to Bloomberg news agency's request, its operations are sold one year after the opening of the third airport. The worlds of Vinci, ADP and TAV are said to have an interest in the airport. The IGA, airport operator, says 'no sales'. Companies alleged to be buyers did not make a statement.

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According to Bloomberg, some of the third Airport partners are preparing to sell their shares at the airport with $ 11 billion worth. It is said that the US sales bank, Lazard, understands this sale.

According to information provided by two sources on the subject, the French crane is interested in the mega project. Near Vinci, TAV Airports and a French partner, Aeroports de Paris, are also interested in the site operator, IGA. Ferrovial SA is also interested in the project.

HDI third operator of the airport, after borrowing $ 6.4 billion (current exchange rates of about 39 billion) from Turkey's most privately-owned business location. The company has to pay an annual average of 1.1 billion euros (around TL 7.5 billion) for the airport's rent.

Kalyon Construction currently accounts for 35 per cent of the third airport, 25 per cent of which is Limak and Map. Kolin was out of partnership by selling 20 per cent of this year's shares.

IGA officials said the company has no plan to sell shares. Vinci, ADP and TAV officials did not comment on the matter. Lazard's investment bank did not comment on the subject.

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