Thursday , October 6 2022

surprise Volkswagen investment from Turkey


Recently named the Diesel Gate scandal & # 39; in the language of the Volkswagen collapse, moving to Turkey. Turkey imported cars and light commercial vehicles in the Volkswagen automotive market, the best selling brand, first entering the top 10 month. The brand, which most of the sales will perform with the Passat in the D segment, emphasize the investment button with improved contacts and feelings of trust.


The Volkswagen Group has a special boxing event, a member of the Porsche board to Istanbul and the U.S. Uwe Huck, a very young Turkey Porsche Workers President, has a skilled workforce and said that it should be given a perspective for older people . Huck "We have investment plans in Turkey in the Volkswagen Group, but I can not say right now. Wait for the surprise. I can say it will not be long.

Huck investment investment related to the automotive sector continues: "Cars and digital technologies will be invested in the best country in Turkey. We want to produce technology here. I will make this lobby. establish that a surgery with Turkey is not new to the area with old technology. "

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