Saturday , May 28 2022

Support for Organ Donation from Ege Private City Hospital


Depending on organ failure, the number of patients waiting for organ transplants increases day by day. The number of organ donation and the number of organ transplants should be increased to ensure the health of people with organ failure.

Every year, Organ and Tissue Gifts Week 3-9 November is celebrated in our country. Anyone who is older than 18 years of age and in a mentally stable position can give an organ.

All our healthcare workers have supported organ donation

Principal Urge of Ysbyty Dinas Ege Special Volkan Ertuğrul: ışı We have opened an organ donation stall at our hospital in order to raise our awareness of organ donation and raise our awareness. During the week, our citizens were notified. The records of our citizens who wanted to donate organs and tissues were taken. Thanks to everyone who gave it, "he said. In addition, a panel on Organ Donation was organized to promote organ donation, transplant and develop this awareness. In the panel organized Nurse Headteacher Nalan Yalçın Ysbyty Dinas Ysgean Private Private, & # 39 ; What is an organ transplant Who can donate an organ Which transplanted organs and tissues What is the legal and religious dimension? A brain death, which determined the death of the brain, organ acceptance should have approval to & The family gave information about the issues.

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