Thursday , August 11 2022

sports writers in Turkey – Moldova assessed the game


 Don't miss your sun – Bilal Mese (Milliyet)

Senes Gunes, the most mature and efficient age … We see that the excitement has lost nothing. For the first time in the National Team. We will sit on the curve, in fact. Team of the moon's star, we know how difficult it is to task … The eyes are always on you, alimallah, a blow or go away from the target, you & # 39; burned!
The next goal is the Europe 2020 Championship … We made a good start. First, we knocked over Albania, then Moldova, and we walked firmly. We have two serious competitors in the group such as France and Iceland.
We know Moldova … First of all, with a crew, a team pressed against his defense. With our national team, we can't pull our opponent. Moldova could hold his football to weigh for defense for 24 minutes … Hasan Ali Kaldırım opened the lock with his right hand for a walk, then two minutes later Cenk Tosun stepped in, by raise the difference to two. Sir, in this game there is a logic ’the winning team does not break Him, I disagree. It's broken like honey, it's always known to technical people. As a matter of fact, it was taken that the Sun, Ok Yokuşlu, Emre Belözoğlu and Gökhan Gönül spare.
Well, I love the advance choice of the Sun … According to some, Burak-Cenk does not play side by side! Why? Someone gives her the best, the other throws, right? The two are strikers, but they help, they do not have egoists. If you are, your ball rifle will come out of the field, we know it, we say it. In addition to the double attacker, the opponent defends the defense, he cannot pass the edge of his mind. Moreover, you can delete the closed protective understanding with players of such type. We have a weapon like Hakan Çalhanoğlu, the distance is not important, it is enough to find the angle, it is said, it reveals its awareness in tough games … t
Turning the round, this pepper is salt pepper … Burak Yilmaz failed to punish, badly shot, he was upset, he couldn't triple the difference! However, Cenk Tosun went straight on stage and closed his partner's head with his head goal. Scorers, you look, you get a Ayhan Kaan … Deniz Sürüç 'helps to crown the goal, has taken the difference of four.
Of course, winning the Nations excites us, hoping for the future. There is a feeling and morale that Albania and Moldova gain in giving us, we moved our self-confidence up one click and threatened France and Iceland. We have a few promises to say for these two victories, no children stop, no stop.

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