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Smoking causes wrinkle skin


Fulya Tezel Dermatology Specialist, ucu One of the most aging features is the wrinkles caused by aging and skin. The upper layer of the skin, which controls water and body heat loss, is the layer of makeup and makeup creams. The lower layer includes colgenic fibers, hyaluronic acid and mupupysaccharides, which are reduced over time, which is the formation of lines and wrinkles for us. Environmental factors are affected by environmental factors, and these factors accelerate the formation of wrinkles. So it is useful to learn wrinkles cases other than old age. If you are suffering from wrinkles, you can learn wrinkle treatments here Eğer.

The most important reason for wrinkles in aging is expressed by Dr. Tezel said, alesef Unfortunately, it is inevitable. The only thing we can do is try to delay this, and for that, we need to know about other causes of wrinkles. For example, cigarettes are one of the main reasons that accelerates the formation of wrinkle because it damages the fibers that provide elasticity to the skin. Protecting the skin against the sun is another reason. UVA rays, which cause wrinkles, create age areas and wrinkles on the skin, and the avoidance of these rays can lead to skin cancer. For this reason, sunscreen needs to be used throughout the year.

As with all skin diseases, poor nutrition is also one of the reasons why wrinkles. Tezel says, Unhealthy food that affects the whole body causes the rapid aging of the skin. The use of vitamins and fiber, sugar and salt foods will benefit from your skin. Sugar weakens the immune system, slows down the production of antibodies and a weak immune system with skin, acne and acne stains. Sleep, one of the most things that women do to skin, is one of the factors that accelerates the formation of wrinkles. In order for the composition to have the least damage to the skin, the surface should not last for a long time in the day. If the skin is not cleansed, the pores are boiled, the skin sebum can not get out of the pores and that skin infections and pimples are in make it easier Cilt

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