Friday , January 22 2021

Seda Akgül, 2nd Page

Seda Akgül, the famous server who has been away from screens for a while, replicated the second page servers Gülşen Yüksel and Müge Dağıstanlı.


Last week, live live second page live guest Müge and Gülşen, Spring Candan, Seda Akgül for Instagram shares referred to these movements by a woman of that age and said that imitating a woman, the server's speaker speaks about this statement. Following these developments, Sede Akgül made a statement on Instagram's account, "said Dude that your friend is friendly. Shame it is a shame. Shame. There's a comment. I am asked not to teach the journalists in their years. "


Candan Spring, especially in the videos she has recently shared Akgül, this movement of a woman at that age did not suit a girl who said she was imitating. He also claimed that Akgül, who was criticized and exhibited work of this kind, was a double character. In saying that Seda Akgül can't still learn her name and her school, Bahar Candan said, "Very uncomfortable. Don't talk about me, don't send bad energy to the universe."

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