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Secure Shop Online on Black Friday Shopping How?


7 ways to make secure purchases online on Black Friday

How to Make Secure Online Online Shopping Wildlife has a number of days to start? What do you need to do to avoid being scammers?
This year, November 23 & Black Friday & # 39; – & # 39; Black Friday & # 39; because of a number of e-commerce brands, shops and websites have started and chance discounts. However, cyber offenders also aim to transform this period into their own opportunities. ESET, the antivirus software company, warned against fraudsters online and provided ways to make secure purchases online.
Across the world and the fourth Friday of November in Turkey, Black Friday (Black Friday), followed by Cyber ​​Monday, Monday (Cyber ​​Monday) will be call. Nowadays, which is first in the USA and a complete shopping spell, there are exceptional discounts in the categories such as clothing, cosmetics and electronics. Unfortunately, cyber offenders are trying to take advantage of these beautiful opportunities.
What do cyber offenders focus on?

The main aim of cyber offenders is to access shoppers online by accessing their identity information or credit card. For this; malware banners, browser or plug-ins browser, use code deeds, man in the middle assault, Android mock banking applications, search engine and various methods such as DNS Worried. They either use the information they receive directly in these ways, or sell it to other offenders who are eager to use.
How to Make Safe Shopping Online? What do I do to protect?

ESET Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Technical Director, GurcanTurkoglu Sen, while shopping online, but this type of cyber attack was not targeted and he shared the following tips to make sure purchases:
1) Make the shopping with your own devices.

If you have a computer, tablets or smart phone, use your own device for shopping. It will be much easier for you to distinguish between the inequalities in the device's behavior. Keep away from financial transactions in places such as internet cafes where mass use is.
2) Try not to shop from public Wi-Fi accommodation areas.

Not all internet connections are safe enough for online payments. Do not use public Wi-Fi accommodation spaces in the shopping box and shopping center for online shopping. There is a safer option to access your favorite e-store via your personal connection.
3) Use a credit card or a virtual credit card.

Buying transactions using a credit card are safer, as it does not include your money in your demand or savings accounts. Even if you are using a virtual credit card with a limited restriction, you will reduce the risk.
4) Get your security software up to date.

If you have not already done so, place a reliable and up-to-date internet security solution with multiple protective layers. Ideally, this answer is a solution that offers safeguarding services for your e-banking and online payments. ESET software provides additional security to the users with the Banking and Payment Systems Protection module.
5) Check the online address bar at all times.

Choose reliable and reliable e-commerce sites that offer you a reliable shopping environment and can help you solve potential problems. However, even if you see a well-known site, do not leave the measure. Frauders can create false websites that are almost identical to their original counterparts. To avoid this, keep an eye on the URL, ie the address bar. Fake sites can be easily identified because they use different internet addresses or the official sites they are trying to imitate.
6) Be careful against counterfeit discount opportunities.

If you're offered Black Friday, that's too good to be true, it's probably not the case. Normally there are fake discount opportunities to be sent to your mailbox. These fake discounted opportunities lead users to counterfeit websites that gather critical information, such as credit card numbers.
7) Check your pieces after shopping.

Checking bank and credit card account balances are always good, especially after periods of intense shopping as usual. In doing so, make sure you have secure access to banking online and check that your account has been protected correctly with a strong password.

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