Thursday , January 27 2022

Search and Save Work for aircraft that were caused by accidents in Ayvalık


– Search and save work for the alleged accident crash at Ayvalık

BALIKESİR – After the images on the ground at Ayvalık in Balıkesir have been split into social media, a large search was started in the region after the personnel working in a fuel station said they see the same images as their friends.
The Bigadiç Balıkesir area of ​​Ayvalik's Altınova to buy live animals from two mobile citizens in the images taken by the air from a plane on social media spreads to the claim that the security forces started to move.
Ayvalik Gendarme and District Metropolitan Municipal Balikesir District Department responded to liaison with Ayvalık Fire Department's Main Department, Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, the search and rescue teams from the central police teams AFAD, ÜMKE and 112 Emergency Support teams were involved in the search.
As well as Gendarmerie teams, the ÜMKE and AFAD teams have explored the area described by Bircan Yavaş, eye witnesses at a gas station in Bahçeliköy, located in the Dikili İzmir area.
Bircan Yavaş told the correspondent, "From 16.00 to 16.30 at the time of our station director, an airplane crashed by saying that I fell to the incident immediately began to follow. We were not able I saw a place and it was falling. It was a small plane. It was not a big plane.
On the other hand, teams stretch out to the Bigadiç citizens who split the images, continue their search and rescue efforts in Damra Dam and neighboring rural neighborhoods of DSİ, which they have indicated with information they provided.
There were no aircraft crashes in the searches.
It was reported that studies will continue until the morning and the region will be scanned with helicopters and aircraft on the first lights of the day.

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