Monday , January 17 2022

Ruth is a penalty, but no payer


The Supreme Radio and Television (RTÜK) Council did not break the administrative fines disclosed with the Court of Accounts report. The Board raised only 49 per cent of the fines it had broken in five years. The collection ratio is tied to 34 per cent last year.

The Supreme Radio Council (RTÜK) infringed the penalty for the programs broadcast on television but did not collect the money. In the report prepared by the TCA, RTÜK was able to take only 49.12 per cent of the total amount of 196 million 30,000 277 dollars of Turkey in five years between 2013 and 2017.

According to the spokesman; In 2013, the amount of penalty broken by the board, which collects 78 per cent of fines, has increased, while the level of the collection has declined every year.

In 2014, the collection of penalties, which dropped by 60 per cent, was 47 per cent in 2015, 24 per cent in 2016 and 34 per cent last year.


The report prepared by the Court of Accounts did not include the name and non-paying publishers. The report also shared information about the fines appealed. In the five year period, the total administrative fine of 196 million 30,000 277 pounds 84 kuruş 33.84 per cent of the administrative penalty of 66 million 342,000 12 pounds 50,000 percent of the case opened this amount is collected 96 million 287,000 687 68.90 per cent of 84 kurush were divided per share.

A total of 26 million 947,000 of 435 pounds of cases filed against the cancellation application were rejected by the courts. 37 million of 643,000 of 867 pounds in the judicial process are completed by the approval of the final judicial process, the report said that the 56,000 thousand 893,000 98 pounds were expected to be collected by organizations and publishers , although legal excuses were not paid.


The programs that were most punished by the Board were the marriage programs that ended the announcement. In 2017, RTÜK punished these programs for reasons such as breaking the general morality, spiritual values ​​and the principle of protecting families and using slang words. The Supreme Council has often fined 1 per cent of advertising revenue for such cuts, while 2 per cent of marriage programs have been aggravating kan.

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