Thursday , May 19 2022

Review of Sabriye Şengül of Acun Ilıcalı in Survivor 2019! & # 39; Since you come … & # 39;


Survivor Turkey Greece Ilıcalı Acer has shared details about a Turkish team. Acun Ilıcalı emphasized that the Turkish team has not lost the game since the Sabriye.

The Council's Tool, Sabriye since the game you're not losing. A great drawback to start late. But when Sabriye came, your friends were here for four weeks. Sabriye's increasing in speed I believe, he says.

Sabriye Sengul was late because the late night adjustment, I came to the team, had lost the game. We have received all the awards and today we have received immunity. My performance is not what I want, but I'll be better by day. Hopefully I'll accelerate and start scoring. It has been harder for me. I get used to new games and the island. As we go to the games, there is a desire to leave again. I did not have this before. Silence before the storm I believe this, he says.


This week, the Turkish team took a sigh of relief by winning immune games. The Turkish team won the second immune game between the Turkish team and the Greek team with a score of 10-6. This week, the Turkish team won two immunizations and I enjoyed great joy.

Survivor in the final section, both teams lost their immunity in Greece, voted the council of the island. At the end of the vote, Tony was the first elimination candidate. Vasilis Vasilikos, who won the symbol of individual immunity, called Spyros and Aphrodite named Simos. So, Tony, Spyros and Simos were the names of the Greek team this week.

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