Wednesday , September 28 2022

Results of passive DNA tests in Esra Erol?


The Esra Erol ATV program described in the incredible Fate story talks about the results of the DNA. At the end of Turkey if a DNA test has proven to speak Idris Özer dad. Esra Erol tested another when Hicran Özer returned his eyes with suspicion that his eyes cheated his wife.

The story of Kader's astounding life began when he lost his identity and intended to create a new identity. When the young girl learns she is adopting she is facing a situation that is even more surprising when she's asking her parents. Of course, he does not believe when he learns that he has adopted it even though his own children are his parents.

DNA CRITERIA RESULTS AT ESRA EROL : When Kader's mother and father claimed they were self-employed, 25 years later, when Esra moved to the Erol program, a DNA test was once again held. When everyone's DNA test results were released last Thursday, everyone was shocked. This test also showed that İdris Özer was the father of Fate.

25 years ago, the DNA test, such as Esra Erol's DNA tests, shows that Kader's daughter Idris Özer's eyes has not turned to the mother Hicran Ozer. Could you have cheated her mother? She was lying because she was scared? This time, anyone starts to assume their results of DNA tests.

The results of Nutrition DNA were surprised at Esra Erol

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