Monday , January 24 2022

Professor of Geology Ece Erken and Bircan Bali, Professor Celal Şengör, thought he was a medical doctor and asked to be sacked was ridiculed!



I see two women doing their best to justify Celal Şengör. The ignorance of the sultan to ignore his ignorant subjects because he knew 5 languages ​​The literacy rate of the Ottoman people was not even 2 percent. They make people laugh as they think what they have been doing on television for years, it is not appropriate for our educated society to watch these people!

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Suddenly, why the idiots in this Fetöcü Melih Gökçekin channel started being on the agenda, the founders of this channel and those who watched it are more ignorant than the fetishist audiences of yesterday, x, y, z di- need today. This has been the level ever since Beyaz TV was founded. I’ve said it before, let me write again, Ancient Egypt, thousands of years before Ancient Sumeria, if people would come to this day, if they would meet this group of audiences and listen to their speech , they would question how many thousand years we came back … Celal Şengör is more knowledgeable than 80 percent of the country, how they judge the man shamelessly. What’s wrong with saying that Islam is ignorant?

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